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    Here you'll find tips for writing books that sizzle! Each month we'll add a new technique. This month's tips are about writing the hook, and how to SHOW rather than "tell" through your writing.

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    My Awakening

    The robin welcomes me as
    she warms herself with the dawn.

    The muffled music of the morning glories
    wafts through my window,
    mingling itself with the robin’s song,
    both beckoning me rise to meet the day.

    The green of the grass glitters
    as new light dances across it,
    A ladybug blinks whilst
    carefully balancing herself from blade to blade.

    The air is filled with the
    gentle fluttering of the butterflies
    bending each flower branch,
    filling with nectar

    A hummingbird interrupts the quiet dawn
    pairing for a moment with a bumblebee,
    each scurrying to beat the sun
    as they compose their own melody and their own rhythm

    My bunny hops from new sprout to new sprout,
    eating and chewing, reeking havoc on my garden.
    It doesn’t seem to matter.

    I stretch beneath my blanket
    feeling the tickle of the silken sheets.
    My mind wanders to the scent of fresh coffee
    winding its way up the stairs to meet my senses.

    I close my eyes briefly for one last piece of rest,
    and when I open them,
    before me stands My Sweet,
    bearing a gift of a brewed cup.

    He smiles, kisses me softly, offering up my gift
    and quietly murmurs “Good Morning.”

    And I simply think to myself,
    what a way to start the day,
    what a precious moment,
    my awakening.

    Sande Donahue


    Here you can get a sneak peek at actual works in progress. Below is a description of of a new work in progress: Geneva Moon.

    GENEVA MOON is a novel that will delight all with a romantic heart. It is a compelling story of corporate dealings and one woman's drive to make it to the top amidst betrayal, death and finally, love. The story is full of surprises and keeps the reader glued to every page.



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