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    Fading Angel

    Sande Donahue
    Author, Fading Angel

    Sande Donahue takes you from beginning to end in her journey through hell as she struggles through fourteen years of Alzheimer's Disease caring for her mother.

    Her quest for understanding, knowledge and assistance in a throw-away society teaches you step-by-step where to start, how to cope, and how to survive. A heart wrenching and sometimes humorous story written with love and dedication. Full of much needed information.

    Fading Angel

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    This book will help you to:

    • Learn about the subtle signs of the onslaught of this treacherous disease
    • Discover ways to combat unfamiliar behavior
    • Gain legal and financial knowledge for pre-planning and preparation
    • Understand the disease and the current medicines and research

    Here's what people are saying about Fading Angel:

    "As a person that works in the Healthcare field , I can really appreciate what Ms. Donahue has so honestly and truthfully written. Good job and thank you for sharing your intimate story."

    Phyllis Tiegler, Hospice House

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    "This book cuts right to the core. I got so involved I thought I was reading a novel. It not only gave me great information but it tugged at my heartstrings as well. A great read and a great service!"

    Julie M. Caso, Healthcare Analyst

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