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    I Choose To Live:
    A Journey Through Life With ALS (
    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    William Sinton
    Author, I Choose to Live
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    William Sinton has written a book of inspiration and courage. Travel his journey with him as he takes you from the early stages of his life through to his current status in dealing with the disease of ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig's disease. His candid story brings readers to tears as well as enjoying many humorous encounters along the way as he and his wife, Marge, deal head on with the disease and vow to keep "quality of life" their primary focus.



    Mr. Sinton, an astrophysicist and Professor of Physics and Astronomy with an AB and PHD from John Hopkins University, shows us that faith, courage and positive attitude can get one over obstacles and challenges that threaten to be insurmountable. Not only does he show that the mountain can be conquered, but it can actually open new vistas of understanding for ourselves and others.

    "Mr. Sinton's book, I Choose To Live. is a wonderful story about how life is not always fair but how learning from the challenges that we are given in life transforms our life. These lessons are so important to us and to those around us. He shows how we can reach further into ourselves and become people we never thought that we could be. I Choose To Live is an inspiration and a reminder of what is important in one's search for meaning and quality in life."

    -- Shonda Schilling --
    Shonda Schilling is a board member of the ALS Association's Greater Philadelphia and Arizona Chapters. She is the wife of Curt Schilling, the star pitcher for the world champion Arizona Diamondbacks and 2001 World Series Co-MVP. Both have been deeply involved in fundraising to find a cure for this terrible disease. They named their first-born child, "Gehrig."

    "Bill Sinton has been an inspiration to all of the health care professionals who have known him. His book tells about ALS in the context of a very real and exciting life. It exemplifies the positive attitude which has served him so well in his fight against this vicious killer."

    -- Lawrence Z. Stern, M.D. Director, --
    MDA' s Mucio F. Delgado Clinic For Neuromuscular Disorders

    "This book is extraordinary in the realm of human experience, for its author has Lou Gehrig's disease. He invites us to share in the long journey he and his wife have traveled with ALS, showing us their life-affirming response to such a gargantuan challenge. Bill Sinton's candor in telling his story is a great gift to all who read it."

    -- June King, Writer --

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