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    JoJo: A Dog's Tale--An Autobiography

    Sande Donahue
    "Forever Mom"
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    In this age of animal awareness and rescue, paranormal awareness and abilities, and the logical combining of the two, JoJo: A Dog's Tale--An Autobiography, lets you follow JoJo through his journey from hell into heaven as he chronicles his way from his own beginning through the most treacherous of times and chaotic existence until he finally finds his "Forever Home" and the "Forever Mom" he so longs for.


    JoJo Front Cover

    Sande Donahue, a strong advocate for the care and well-being of animals of all kinds, adopted a tiny Yorkie Poo from the United Yorkie Rescue Foundation. His story was heartbreaking and she felt a special connection to him. Through JoJo's ever-thankful eyes, she felt that he was always trying to tell her something. She contacted Dr. Kim Ogden, a nationally renowned animal communicator, and combining what information Donahue already had about JoJo's life and working together with Dr. Kim, they were able to glean an extraordinary story as told through the viewpoint of JoJo and his cohorts.

    "I'm a storyteller," she says, "so I've taken what info I had, combined it with the facts taken from JoJo through our fabulous Dr. Kim, and put together JoJo's story. It will grab the hearts of all who love animals and who cringe at the thought of anyone daring to harm, abuse, neglect or abandon any helpless creature who is here to simply love us unconditionally. It's JoJo's story and it's told by him."

    You'll laugh out loud at some of his antics and you'll cry hard, salty tears when you experience first-hand this tiny little dog's story as told directly from him to you through an extraordinary animal communicator and his new "Forever Mom." JoJo: A Dog's Tale--An Autobiography is a must-read for all ages as you learn the heartbreak and terror of being abused, abandoned and left alone and finally finding love and peace and safety at the end of the journey. A very hard lesson in loving and caring for pets and animals of all kinds as it comes straight from the victim and shows the world that animals really do have feelings, emotions and longings for love and loyalty. JoJo also managed to slip in an eye-opening global message.

    Sande Donahue is an energetic and provocative interview. If you believe in animal communication and have any compassion for our little creatures and believe that animals really DO have feelings and emotions, you MUST talk with Sande and you must read JoJo's story.

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